editing, what for ?

Editing is a crucial part in a song’s life, too often overlooked because long and painstaking. For years, our ears have been trained to hear almost perfect songs, current productions leaving very little error margin to tempo imperfections, false notes, noises, etc. The aim of the editing phase is to correct these small flaws as much as possible when needed.

I can help you:

  • Recalibrate a guitar / bass / drums / vocals or any other instrument, which would be out of tempo
  • “Clean” the voice recordings: correct imperfections (background noises / clicks / pops / excessive breathing), which often happen depending on the environment in which you recorded yourself
  • Attenuate false notes as much as possible when there are any, while maintaining a natural effect

With the right tools that I use (Izotope RX / Melodyne), the small flaws in  your recordings will disappear


Your music needs to sound good