mastering, what for ?

Here we are, the track is mixed, it now deserves that little magic touch, mastering.

To me, mastering is :

  • Check the tonal balance of the project
  • Make final volume checks, to ensure that the song will not be too low compared to other artists, or on the opposite too loud.
  • Carry out listening test to ensure an optimal experience in different environments (car / hi-fi system / smartphone)
  • Prepare the export to be sent for CD / vinyl pressing
  • Ensure that the quality will remain unchanged on the various streaming platforms

The final phase of Mastering brings additional adjustments to the mix, to guarantee an optimal and competitive result whatever the type of support.

Give the song the extra % it needs to reach it’s full potential is my mindset when I do a mastering.

I can do your mastering, but I can also recommend Miro KIISKI ( who specializes in mastering heavy hitting music

Take your project to its full potential