mixing, what for ?

Your song is composed, recorded, edited, it is now time to move on to the Mixing stage, which will allow each element to have its own place.

With my DAWs (FL Studio and Reaper), 100% “in the box” tools and meticulously organized and routed sessions, I am sure to give each instrument the place it deserves to sit right in the project. 

The use of equalization, compression, saturation techniques allow me to highlight each element, without interfering with another.

Reverb, delays, spatialization effects are sometimes then applied to create particular atmospheres.

Applying the necessary treatments to each element so that the final version makes it possible to discern each instrument, without compromising the quality of the tracks, to me that’s the the recipe of a good mix.

Applying this blueprint, I will get a dynamic, impactful, coherent mix with optimal volume, which takes up as much space as possible.

Every time. 

Your mixes need to be competitive